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Hagerty has ranked 1966-1977 Ford Bronco as the #1 hottest classic car on the market. Demand is high while supply for good, rust free, properly restored and modernized Broncos remain low. There are 3 tiers of restoration and within each of those tiers are different levels of quality. High end, modernized and professionally built- every single nut and bolt on the Bronco is brand new. These builds are done by professional companies who specialize in Broncos and are labor and capital intensive and cost $150K-$250K. This is our speciality. Frame Off Restoration- the body is completely removed from the frame. While separated, body/paint work is done on the body while mechanical work is done on the frame (engine, transmission, suspension, etc). These builds are labor and capital intensive and can range in the $100K-$150K range. We used to build these but our customers wanted more reliability, safety and luxury. Frame On Restoration- Think of this as more of a “cosmetic refresh”. The body is not removed from the frame during restoration. Some but not all parts have been restored. These builds are less labor and capital intensive than Frame off and Nut and Bolt restorations and are generally below $100K. We started off here and decided they were too problematic for our customers.

Unfortunately not. Each Bronco is custom built to order based on client specifications. We know you want it now, we would too! But we promise it is worth the wait if new car reliability, performance and luxury is important to you.

We offer 4 different Bronco models. The 2-door version comes in a 5.0L Coyote V8, 2.3L Ecoboost, or 100% electric version. We also offer a 6-seat 4-door version. Our builds start at $169K. You can choose the color, drivetrain, body style (cut vs uncut), interior, chrome vs black, wheels, etc. We’ve done this a few times so we can guide you through the process and help you make the selections that fit your budget and personal taste!

Yes, with the right upgrades, it is possible to daily drive our Broncos. We daily drive them! Depending on your commute, climate, conditions, etc. there are a handful of modern upgrades that make Broncos more livable. Basics such as power steering, power disc brakes, hydroboost, updated suspension, air conditioning for warm climates and heat for cold climates can make driving a Bronco more similar to what most people expect from modern day cars. The Bronco is a short wheel based vehicle so it will not drive like a brand new Range Rover or G-Wagon but with the proper specs our Broncos will drive 10x better than a 50 year old version.

Although we do not carry inventory, we always have a Bronco available for an in-person test drive by appointment only. Our facility is located approximately 30 minutes north of Atlanta. Most of our clients are from out of state so we are used to sharing pictures, video, Facetime but are always happy to host prospective customers in our facility. Contact us and we’ll set it up. If you’re lucky you’ll even get to meet Winnie our mascot.

Our carefully selected team, rigorous build process and emphasis on post sale service sets us apart. We are in this for the long haul and care deeply about customer satisfaction. It starts with the best in class parts, followed by a consistent build process with quality checks and 50+ heat cycles and test miles before a Bronco leaves our facility. Keep in mind this is a low volume, hand-built vehicle. Each Bronco is unique and different in their own way. We strive for perfection but like any other vehicle things happen. Rest assured it is in our company DNA to stand behind every Bronco we build.

Yes, we work directly with a lender that specializes in financing classic cars. Contact us for an introduction and a quote. It’s easier than you think and the rates are competitive. Banks will not finance a custom build but will happily cut a check upon completion.

You can service our Broncos at a local Ford dealership. Basically maintenance can be handled locally. If your Bronco requires warranty work we will either send out a field technician or ship it back on our dime and handle the work at our facility in Atlanta. Either way we will stand behind the Broncos we build.

Yes, we ship Broncos all over the world. We will arrange shipping on an enclosed trailer using a licensed and insured DOT approved carrier. Contact us with your zip code for a shipping quote.

Demand far exceeds supply. Although that could change in the future we find that today’s customers want the vintage car look without the vintage car problems. The number of professionally built, high end + modernized Broncos is very small relative to new car production numbers. If you properly maintain your Bronco you should see strong resale value when it’s time to put her up for adoption.

Pay now, or pay later, either way you’re going to have to pay. Broncos come in all different conditions, past history, price points, etc. This is not a time to be penny wise, dollar foolish. When purchasing a 50 year old truck know that a significant amount of money and time needs to be invested to make them modern, safe and reliable. We choose to invest labor and capital into our Broncos up front so our customers can drive them with confidence. If you can’t afford an expensive Bronco, you definitely can’t afford a cheap one.

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