About Us


Our team of craftsmen meticulously hand build each and every Bronco with pride and passion.

Who We Are

We totally get it. You love the way old Broncos look and have always dreamed of owning one. Perhaps your grandpa or dad had an old Bronco when you were growing up and you get nostalgic just thinking about it. But then reality sets in and you remember that you aren’t a mechanic, don’t have the time, ability, or desire to get under the hood with a wrench, and the thought of owning a 50 year old car intimidates you.

We’ve been there before. You want the classic style and vintage appeal, but you don’t want rust, manual steering, drum brakes, bad suspension, poor handling, leaks (ok, maybe some leaks!) and the unreliability that comes with typical classic car ownership. Sound familiar?

What We Do

At Vintage Broncos, we specialize in the modernization of 1966-1977 classic Ford Broncos. We don’t work on anything but early Broncos.

Our team knows these trucks inside and out and can do complete frame off restorations, paint/body, engine swaps, modern transmission upgrades, add fuel injection, air conditioning, power steering, power disc brakes, suspension, brand new interiors, and modern day luxuries like bluetooth stereo, hands free calling, navigation, backup camera, heated seats, etc.

Craftsmanship. Passionate. Innovation.

Meet The Core Team


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Chief Bronco Officer


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